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Selected Case Studies

Case Studies

Our 911 dispatch personnel working on the other end of the phone are the first point of contact during an emergency, responding quickly to assess the situation and determine the appropriate response.

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ChatComm | Supervisor and Shift Employees Spring Into Action For Kidnapped Child


On Monday, May 25, 2020 at 1609 hours, a hysterical mother called into the ChatComm/IXP 9-1-1 Center, stating that her seven-year-old son had been kidnapped from the Berkshire Apartments in the city of Brookhaven.

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ChatComm | Day Shift Goes Above and Beyond for Injured Officer Call


Day Shift’s performance this date was nothing less than extraordinary. The willingness of each member to remain calm and help each other was remarkable.

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ChatComm | IXP CTO Brittany Avery Handled Officer Injury with Professionalism and Quick Response


On the morning of June 5, 2019 at approximately 07:58:38 hours, CTO Brittany Avery received radio transmission from a citizen stating an officer was hit by a vehicle while directing traffic and was injured.

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