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Catholic Charities of Trenton and the IXP Behavioral Health Hub

EISS Early Intervention

Our decades of expertise in emergency call center management make IXP a valuable and strategic business partner for behavioral health and addiction services providers. Our unique behavioral health hub operates with fully trained crisis navigators that link today’s growing volume of mental and behavioral health calls with clinicians and other specialists that utilize our technical know-how to increase their operational bandwidth.

9-1-1 Managed Services

Municipalities can save money, time, and resources needed to recruit, hire, train, and manage essential functions within a dispatch or public safety department. Our flat fee price includes routine overtime, uniforms, recruiting, hiring, training, backfill for time off, and all other costs associated with staffing an emergency communication center. We typically save municipalities between 15-25% of their dispatch center staffing costs as well as indirect costs such as long-term pension liabilities, human resources, payroll, legal and more.


Our Skilled and Experienced Workforce Includes:

  • Communications Center Managers
  • Emergency Communication Center Telecommunicators
  • Emergency Security Operations Center Staff
  • Front Window Public Safety Advocates
  • Video Surveillance Operators and Staff
  • Emergency and Medical Transport Services Dispatchers
  • 311 Public Safety Advocates
  • Certified Training Officers
  • Technology Support Staff
  • System Administration Support Staff
  • Graphical Information System Experts
  • Information Technology Managers
  • Evidence and Property Staff

Technology Solutions

We understand that your technology systems are vital to keeping the public safe. Your technology investments must meet the needs of your jurisdiction—there is no one-size solution that adequately fits all. IXP is vendor-independent; we know the products on the market and can determine which of those products will perform best in your environment while meeting the constraints of your budget. We have experienced professionals on staff who are experts in public safety technology.

Intelligent Video Analytics

IXP Corporation works with our clients to help them understand the vast wealth of hidden information contained in live and recorded video streams from cameras.  Our clients add intelligent video analytics to their existing video technology to alert, classify and catalog information and behaviors from their cameras. Some clients use this information proactively to alert first responders of a potential crime or dangerous situation, while others use the recorded video in the investigation of crimes.

Business Case

IXP’s Business Case is a comprehensive report that will help you choose the best path forward in achieving your goals for your community. Following our proprietary SAIF® methodology, our detailed assessment and vendor-neutral recommendations provide you with the knowledge and understanding needed to make your vision of excellence a reality.


The Business Case will Include:

  • A visioning session to determine your realistic future emergency communications model.
  • A review and assessment of your current facility, operations, standard operating procedures, and the technology systems currently used.
  • Technology life-cycle strategies appropriate for future needs.
  • An evaluation of your current dispatch performance and adherence to industry standards and service level metrics.
  • Workload analysis of staffing patterns and shift schedules.
  • A comprehensive capital and operational cost analysis.
  • Documentation of any potential long-term savings and the operational benefits or service level enhancements that could be achieved.
  • A detailed review of alternative strategies to consider.
  • Implementation timelines and sequencing recommendations to achieve your vision.
  • 5-year and 10-year cost estimates.
  • Implementation Plan.

How Can IXP Help You?

Working at IXP can provide you with an exciting corporate environment that leads to a lifetime of professional development and career opportunities. We strive to create a diverse workforce that maintains a blend of highly experienced and intelligent professionals. We admire and want to hire, people that work hard, have the right moral compass, and want to step up to the next challenge.