IXP Designs Solutions that Leverages Your Existing Headcount, and Gives You More Actionable Information without the Need to Increase Your Staffing Levels.

Law enforcement and public safety professionals, as well as their counterparts in corporate security, realize they are losing valuable information and intelligence from the investments they’ve made in video surveillance technology.  Video cameras have become ubiquitous in the modern era but, in most instances, they are merely recording only in the event something happens.

IXP’s video analytics solutions can also be used by non-law enforcement agencies and city planners to gain insight into traffic patterns and potential pedestrian public safety hazards.  This insight helps city planners make alterations to those areas to improve safety for their citizens.

We Design Solutions.

IXP Corporation works with our clients to help them understand the vast wealth of hidden information contained in live and recorded video streams from cameras.  Our clients add intelligent video analytics onto their existing video technology to alert, classify and catalog information and behaviors from their cameras. Some clients use this information proactively to alert first responders of a potential crime or dangerous situation, while others use the recorded video in the investigation of crimes.


Some Uses for Intelligent Video Analytics are:

  • Proactively managing an environment where law enforcement is quickly notified when a vehicle enters a roadway traveling in the wrong direction, or when a person or group gathers in an area known for unsavory activities at night.
  • Improving investigations by enabling trained investigators to search video archives for characteristics about a person of interest or a vehicle and receive reliable and actionable information that can be used in solving a crime.
  • Integrating and cross-referencing vehicle descriptions with your LPR database.
  • Doing more with less.  Intelligent video analytics is a workforce multiplier that will only alert an operator when certain predefined situations or behaviors occur.