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Selected Case Studies

Case Studies

Our 911 dispatch personnel working on the other end of the phone are the first point of contact during an emergency, responding quickly to assess the situation and determine the appropriate response.

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Exelon Security Operations Center | Managed Services

9-1-1 Managed Services and Private Industry

When Exelon wanted more “security minded” telecommunicators they turned to IXP for assistance. IXP now staffs this Baltimore area center, which monitors over 300 sites around the country. Service has improved and costs have decreased.

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East Windsor & the Borough of Hightstown, NJ

9-1-1 Managed Services

This case study illustrates that a Managed Services approach can significantly decrease the costs over the current methodology of using unionized public sector workers.

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Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority | MBTA

9-1-1 Managed Services

IXP is providing a solution to the MBTA that delivers considerable cost savings for operating their emergency communications center. IXP now provides trained and certified staff on a 24/7 basis allowing for skilled police officers to return to patrol functions and increases the number of officers on the system.

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Lawrence Township, NJ | 9-1-1 Dispatching Managed Services

9-1-1 Managed Services and Government Clients

When IXP staffed the communication center the township regained over 6,000 hours of annual police time. Police, who used to backfill civilianized dispatching, are now back in the field. The service level has increased and operational costs are 15% lower.

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ChatComm | A Total Emergency Communications Center Solution

9-1-1 Managed Services, Facilities Assessment, Governance, Government Clients, Operations, and Technology

IXP provides communication center staffing including IT support for this four community center—all at a fixed cost and no overtime bills. The privately run center processes over 400,000 calls annually and is CLEA accredited.

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