Exelon Security Operations Center | Managed Services

Client: Exelon Corporation | Owen Mills, MD

The Challenge

Constellation Energy Group sought to outsource monitoring operations in an effort to reduce cost and increase efficiency.  As operations matured and national security concerns grew, Constellation’s practice of utilizing contract guard service vendors for staffing the Security Operations Center was yielding less than desirable results.  As a trusted partner, IXP Corporation solved this problem by providing skilled telecommunicators in the center. 

Our Approach

Constellation Energy’s vision was to better staff the facility with “security-minded” individuals who understood how and when to apply appropriate response protocols.  IXP worked closely with Constellation Energy’s security leadership on the development of job descriptions; vetting, hiring, and processing of qualified candidates; development and delivery of certification training; refreshment and redefining of policies and procedures; scheduling and staffing of resources; onsite supervision; Tier 1 information technology support; increased accountability; and improved vendor management oversight.

The Solution

In 2011, IXP was awarded a 5-year contract to provide a Managed Services solution for the staffing of Constellation Energy’s Security Operations Center and associated Emergency Operations Center.  Our services have grown to support their newly expanded and redesigned Exelon Security Operations Center (ESOC) resulting from their acquisition by Exelon Corporation in 2012. In 2016 Pepco Holdings and Exelon merged creating the largest US electric utility with added coverage in the mid-Atlantic. IXP currently handles:

  • 342 Monitored Sites in 22 states, Washington DC, Alberta Canada, and Panama City, Panama
  • 3,223,080 alarms per year (fire/panic/perimeter/access control/CCTV)
  • 18,720 Security Incidents Escalated per year to be investigated by corporate security personnel
  • 198,000 Phone Calls Processed per year

Constellation/Exelon/Pepco is able to realize its goals of reducing cost and increasing efficiency while improving the performance of the Security Operations Center.  IXP consistently meets all required benchmarks and service level metrics of the new ESOC.  We meet or exceed standards in quality and reliability for an ever-increasing workload, at or above regulatory NERC CIP compliance requirements.  IXP supports and maintains workflow from multiple and diverse security systems and directs security responses across an expansive enterprise.