IXP Corporation Expands To Meet Demand

Princeton, NJ – May 22, 2015 – IXP Corporation, a prominent national public safety and emergency response provider, announced the expansion of its team with four strategic new hires and a promotion for Amy Onder.  The company has continued its rapid growth course during the first quarter of 2015.

Ms. Onder was named IXP’s chief of business operations and general counsel. In this position, she will oversee the company’s Business Operations group. Since joining IXP in 2007, she has served as in-house counsel and later joined the Company’s Board of Directors.

“There has been a growing national demand for our long-term managed services platform—which provides municipalities with emergency call centers that exceed the highest performance standards while also significantly reducing costs,” says William E. Metro, IXP’s chief executive officer. “Demand for our services continues to grow, and we are increasing our talented staff to address this burgeoning trend.  Thanks to our historic focus on service delivery, we are extremely well-positioned to meet those needs.”

Scott Mazza has joined IXP Corporation as managing director of business integration. Previously,
Mr. Mazza had 14 years of operations management experience with CRA, Inc., where he counseled federal, state and local homeland security, public safety, and public health agencies. At IXP, Mr. Mazza will facilitate interdepartmental functional integration in an effort to drive growth, build value and maintain client satisfaction.

Thomas Irwin was named IXP’s new managing director of services and solutions. Formerly, he spearheaded numerous terrorism threat assessment and homeland security programs for agencies in New York City, New Jersey, California, and Trinidad and Tobago. He led the largest ever counter-terrorism study conducted by the New York City Police Department and its partner agencies.

Christopher Longo has joined IXP as an IT consultant. During the past 15 years, he has served as the IT support and team lead at IBM Global Services and network administrator and IT support at a large Princeton-based law firm.

Mary Lombardo was named as IXP’s first marketing manager. Previously, she was marketing manager and trade marketing coordinator with multinational toy giant Playmobil USA, where she handled all national marketing campaigns, media relations and events. In her new role, Ms. Lombardo is responsible for positioning the IXP brand to generate future growth and develop a client-focused organization that further aligns the company with its values.  Amy Onder states, “Mary possesses the strategic vision and leadership qualities that will undoubtedly further accelerate our growth and cultivate the IXP brand.”

Mr. Metro adds, “We have been fortunate to be able to complement our existing expert teams with top talent.”

IXP’s model for emergency call centers – IXP SAIF® 911 – has changed the paradigm in this sector nationally.  IXP now has its centers operating across multiple states throughout the U.S. and has secured $40 million in signed contracts through 2019. Since January 2014, IXP has added 50 new staff for a total of 169 employees to meet rapidly increasing market demand.

Blending technology and operations, IXP’s model is based on the evaluation and alignment of four core components:  Governance, Operations, Technology, and Facilities. The firm offers advantages of integrated assessment, planning, design, and implementation, as well as operation and staffing with highly experienced dispatchers hired from the local workforce. This platform reduces the financial burden of unfunded pensions and other liabilities.

Lawrence D. Consalvos, IXP’s president and chief operating officer, concludes, “Our expanded team will enable us to continue to launch emergency call centers throughout the U.S. that achieve optimal performance—while enabling greater control of budgets and resources. Our productized managed service eases the strain on municipalities by providing multi-year fixed price contracts which deliver financial predictability and performance-based metrics—an unprecedented combination.  We maintain our deep commitment to working closely with our clients, being flexible to their needs and driving innovative solutions based on those needs.”

About IXP Corporation: For more than 15 years, IXP Corporation (www.ixpcorp.com) has been recognized as the company that public safety and security organizations rely on to tackle their toughest challenges. With headquarters in Princeton, N.J., IXP serves municipalities, colleges, universities, hospitals, corporations, and utilities nationwide. IXP provides a total solution methodology that incorporates governance, operations, technology, and facilities.  The firm develops and implements reliable and cost-effective solutions for scalable technology and communications systems, municipal protection, campus safety, and healthcare security.

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