IXP Corporation Partners with Pool Safety

IXP is proud to announce that this National Safety Month we are partnering with Pool Safely, a public safety campaign of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, to promote Family and Children’s safety in pools this summer. The program shares critical steps for both adults and children to reduce the risk of accidents and fatalities surrounding pool activities. As a public safety solutions company, IXP is committed to creating safer communities and promoting programs that help advance this mission.

Pool Safely shares an adult and child pledge for participants, which includes guidelines such as designating water watchers, taking swim lessons, and learning CPR, to make the pool a safer place for everyone. Popular athletes, including Olympic champion Michael Phelps, have recently taken the Pool Safely Pledge, as the USCPSC continues to use this campaign to prevent drowning and drain entrapments, which still claim the lives of an average of 10 people daily1.

To promote safe habits in and around the water, we took the Pool Safety pledge! We encourage you and your family to look at Pool Safely’s tips for safer activities this summer and take the pledge! https://www.poolsafely.gov/parents/safety-tips/

Although Pool Safely’s campaign is taking steps to dramatically decrease the likelihood of drowning or drain entrapments in and around pools, accidents can still happen. If you encounter a water safety emergency, always remember to call 911 immediately. Time is critical in an emergency, so be prepared with an accurate location description, stay calm, and provide as many details about the situation as possible. In taking these steps, your actions will save first responders valuable seconds and minutes to provide life-saving treatment to victims. Please join IXP and Pool Safely as we work together to help families be safer in the water.  

1 “Home and Recreational Safety.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28 Apr. 2016. Web. 19 June 2017.