How Cal State Northridge Put the Brakes on Parking Lot Crime

Like many universities, California State University Northridge wanted to create a safer environment for the university community.  The University made the decision to implement video surveillance as a crime deterrent and to investigate incidents in real time.  CSUN asked IXP to enhance their video surveillance capabilities by coupling traditional video with cutting edge video content analytics that allows them to receive alerts about activity in higher risk areas.  These analytics, implemented in parking garages, parking lots and administrative buildings acted as a force multiplier for the University and has enabled officers to respond faster and with more information. 

The results of the implementation of this technology have been impressive. In 2015, CSUN’s parking lots experienced an 11% decrease in crime, including a 60% drop in grand theft auto. In the first half of 2016, officers were able to disrupt 32 crimes in progress or that had just occurred.

Click here to read the article in Campus Safety and watch a video where CSUN discusses the partnership with IXP: 

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