Burlington County Bridge Commission | Security Assessment

Client: Burlington County Bridge Commission | Palmyra, NJ

The Challenge

The mission of the Burlington County Bridge Commission (BCBC) is to provide Burlington County residents, commuters, and visitors with safe, accessible, and affordable bridges, roads, and facilities. The BCBC Director of Public Safety and Security is committed to enhancing the safety of the two major spans across the Delaware River through the enhancement of Physical Access Control Systems, video surveillance, and command and control.  In support of this vision, BCBC chose IXP to lead the organization through the upgrades.

Our Approach

Since 2011, IXP has worked with BCBC as its trusted advisor. As part of IXP’s consulting services we performed the following:

  • Conducted an evaluation of their existing Physical Access Control and video surveillance system;
  • Provided guidance on state-of-the-art systems currently in place at similar installations;
  • Made recommendations on system integration so that physical access control, video surveillance, and analytics could be combined to give a more comprehensive picture of the current security in the facilities;
  • Developed the technical specifications for the security system upgrades and reviewed the bids that were received; and
  • Guided the BCBC through the selection process of a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system; this will allow BCBC to combine each of the security technology systems into a full situational awareness tool.

The Solution

IXP’s services allowed the BCBC to upgrade physical security at the bridges:

  • Physical access control systems were upgraded;
  • Video surveillance was enhanced around the bridges through the implementation of state-of-the-art cameras and management systems;
  • Video surveillance around key bridge structures improved through the implementation of thermal imagery coupled with complex video analytics. This technology identifies when someone is present around the critical bridge infrastructure;
  • The Command and Control dispatching center was remodeled and upgraded; and
  • BCBC chose a PSIM and implemented it using coordinated systems through standardized response workflows to ensure that responders perform in the required manner.

Through a partnership with IXP, the Commission met all of the goals of the project and greatly enhanced public safety on Burlington County bridges. IXP and BCBC have extended their partnership for another year through 2017.