IXP Privatizing Emergency Dispatch

When you call 911, who picks up? In most places, it’s an emergency communications center operated by people who work for a local government. But in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, Sandy Springs, Georgia, and Danbury, Connecticut, you will get a trained employee of IXP Corporation, an emergency communications company that is privatizing what was once a purely public-sector service.  We are a public safety solutions company that is passionate about changing the traditional paradigm for how emergency services are provided to the public, all while making better use of taxpayer dollars by reducing waste, redundancy, and inefficiency. 

Our management team has cut its teeth designing, implementing, and supporting the largest emergency communications center in the country for the NYPD, FDNY, and the Sheriff’s Office of New York, during some of the worst disasters in our country’s history.  We have grown our life-critical, emergency communications services across the country to now include municipalities, colleges and universities, utilities, and private corporations to implement solutions that are better, faster, and less expensive to implement.

In 2009, we became the first and only company in the nation to provide a fixed-price, privatized managed service 9-1-1 emergency communications center. As part of that privatization initiative, IXP designed, implemented and staffed a state-of-the-art emergency communications center for our client in an aggressive seven-month timeframe.  This has resulted in recurring financial predictability and has prevented duplicate spending on facilities, technology and dispatch operations for multiple municipalities. IXP successfully manages and staffs that center today.

In 2013, IXP became the first company to provide a managed 911 dispatch service in the state of New Jersey that has resulted in redeploying thousands of man hours of police time back onto the streets.   Our solution continues to provide considerable cost savings and service level improvements for both the communities and police departments we serve.

The measure of success in privatization is efficiently managing costs while maintaining high levels of service. Outsourcing managed services for 9-1-1 call taking and dispatching is an excellent option for agencies looking for privatization solutions to lower operating costs—costs incurred by using public sector workers and backfilling open staffing positions with police officers, thereby reducing service levels to the community. 

IXP understands the requirements to operate in a communication center, which is the first contact a person has with a public safety agency. IXP’s recruitment program specifically seeks and attracts diverse and qualified public safety minded individuals.  Our Telecommunicators are chosen specifically for their professionalism and ability to handle multiple complex tasks.  It is our mission to make certain that the community and public safety agencies are satisfied with our people, providing all stakeholders with confidence that their public safety assets are being managed effectively, while meeting or exceeding performance metrics.
Our managed services are working successfully for clients around the country today, providing operational and financial stability.