IXP Corporation Pioneers New Campus Safety Solution at Johns Hopkins University

IXP Corporation, a public safety and emergency response provider that has partnered with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) for the past 10 years, has announced an innovation that raises campus security to the next level.

JHU presented an issue for IXP to solve: how to personally track the location of campus security officers for more effective planning, deployment and management of resources. Responding to this critical business challenge, IXP developed SAIF®GPS, a novel application of smartphone technology which independently pinpoints the location of campus security officers on a central dispatch center map and via web devices.

This solution geo-locates and records movement of each officer, including incident management and dispatching capabilities plus an emergency SOS button for alerting the communications center of a critical event. Communications center operators can view all registered smartphones using the application. The result is enhanced safety of the campus community and security officers alike by efficient management of assets for the most strategic response.