A Partnership Like No Other: The City of Danbury Partners With IXP Corporation to Consolidate the City’s Emergency Communication Center

DANBURY, C.T. — The need from many cities to transition to regionalized/consolidated emergency communications centers is growing, but the City of Danbury has emerged as the leading city in Connecticut ready to engage in a partnership like no other with IXP Corporation to consolidate the City’s emergency communication center. 
Danbury has been recognized- for the fifth year in a row- as the safest large city in Connecticut and is ranked as one of the safest in all of New England.  In this effort, the City of Danbury has been considering the many benefits of using a managed service approach and consolidating/regionalizing their Police and Fire Departments emergency communications centers. 
Once fully operational in a single, focused location, the IXP operated communications center will allow Danbury police officers and firefighters to return to the field, increasing safety and security of the Danbury community.  Additionally, the City of Danbury will significantly benefit from long-term savings from contracting with IXP for the recruitment, hiring, training and deployment of staff to perform call taking and dispatching duties.