Princeton, N.J. – June 12, 2014 – IXP Corporation, a prominent national public safety and emergency response provider, announced it has secured $50 million in signed contracts over the next five years. According to IXP’s executive leadership team, this growth directly reflects the burgeoning demand for its managed services platform.
During the past four years, IXP has added nearly 100 new positions and now has more than 140 employees. Gross profits increased 22.5 percent during 2013. By the end of 2014, the firm expects to add 60 additional employees, provide 9-1-1 dispatch and security monitoring services for multiple customers across the country, and create the first privatized cloud-based service for 9-1-1.
“IXP has reinvented longstanding models for how public safety services are delivered,” says William E. Metro, IXP’s chief executive officer. “Public safety is a technically and operationally complex business, but the foundation of our approach is to do it better, faster and more cost-effectively, while achieving a higher quality of service with predictable costs.”
He adds, “Our strategy is to grow IXP by entering new geographies and also by expanding our long-term customer relationships. Our vision is to reinvent public safety services through regional consolidation and cloud-based processes.”  In recognition of the company’s success, Metro was recently named a semifinalist in the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Awards.
The IXP model is based on the evaluation and alignment of four core components:  governance, operations, technology, and facilities. The company has grown and diversified its line of consulting, technology and managed services throughout the United States, as it provides public safety solutions for municipalities, campuses, private companies, utilities, and hospitals.
One of the key advantages to IXP’s platform is the notable reduction in long-term costs involving benefits and pensions.  Metro explains, “Government services do not have to be provided by government employees.  Governments just need to ensure that good services are provided to the public.  Through our public-private partnership model, we have proven that a private entity can exceed the quality of service typically provided by local municipalities and significantly reduce one-time capital and recurring operational costs for the taxpayer.”
Lawrence D. Consalvos, president and chief operating officer, IXP Corporation, adds, “We are transforming the field of managed services, encompassing a unique synthesis of performance-based metrics and financial predictability. As a result, the marketplace is embracing our singular ability to bring the best technology, service, and systems to our clients—while always addressing budgetary concerns.”
Consalvos concludes, “We take over the challenges and eliminate the worries that keep city/county managers, security directors, and others who play a role in public safety up at night.”