Chatcomm’s Recognition for a Job Well Done


Uniform Patrol Division
“A” Squad

To: Chief Densmore    
From: Sgt. GT Hood
CC: Major Clifton
CC: Lt. Castro    
Date: 9/16/2013
Re: Chatcomm’s Recognition for a Job Well Done, Reference Case 2013-003427

I wanted to officially acknowledge Chatcomm Operators for a job well done from the events that transpired on 09/05/2013. As you know a residential forced burglary happened around 1100 on Thursday Sept. 5, 2013. Chatcomm received a 911 call from the complainant/victim and quickly relayed pertinent, precise information that ultimately led to the capture of the suspects. I have reviewed the 911 call and the radio transmission of our dispatchers that day and I wanted to ensure that they were recognized for a job well done. Kim Link, the 911 operator who took the call, asked very pertinent information, kept the victim calm and helped preserve the crime scene by instructing the victim on what to do and not to do. Tiffany Tyson, the dispatcher on main channel, ensured that her communications back to the officers in the pursuit were limited as she listened and assisted with what the pursuing officers requested. Ginger Lepage, the on duty supervisor and tac channel operator, assisted by ensuring that any information that was relayed on our tac channel received the appropriate attention. There were detectives requesting certain assistance on tac and she ensured that the information was received and the requests were carried out.

The above mentioned operators did a great job! Without their immediate, fast and efficient attention to the call, the apprehension of the three burglary suspects would not have happened. The success of the case started with these Chatcomm Operators and because of them three burglars are off the street.