IXP Announces New Executive Leadership Team

50% revenue increase since 2012; 100 new staff over 4 years

PRINCETON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IXP Corporation, a prominent national provider of public safety and security solutions, announced its new executive leadership team: William E. Metro as chairman and chief executive officer; Lawrence D. Consalvos as president and chief operating officer; and Amy Onder as senior vice president and general counsel.

“IXP works hand-in-hand with us, providing exceptional service in the training and supervision of our communication operators on a daily basis. It clearly enables our department to utilize police officers’ time more effectively.”

Mr. Metro and Mr. Consalvos were original founders of IXP and have worked together continuously since 1993.

“IXP has changed the paradigm for how government services are provided to the public,” says William Metro. “Our model focuses on planning, implementing and managing emergency-response solutions for public safety and security – better, faster and more cost-effectively.”

During the past 4 years, IXP has added nearly 100 new positions and by the end of 2013 will have more than 140 employees. Revenues also have increased 50 percent since January 2012.

Mr. Metro cites a growth of services within the client environment as well as new markets as reasons for IXP’s expansion. In addition to GIS and IT management, the company is being tapped to provide a variety of managed services in the public safety realm. IXP supports utility companies and its global infrastructures, as well as law enforcement and municipalities, colleges and universities, hospitals, and corporations.

In his new role as chief executive officer, William Metro will be responsible for corporate governance, growth strategy, performance oversight, and business operations. Previously he was the president and chief operating officer of IXP since 2006. Prior to founding IXP, Mr. Metro was a director of international business development for Electronic Data Systems, and director of engineering for MCI Systemhouse. He has held positions at Executive Consulting Group, Northrop Grumman/PRC, the King County Sheriff’s Office, and other law enforcement entities.

Lawrence Consalvos, in his new role as IXP’s president and chief operating officer, will continue to grow IXP’s line of services not only in public safety but also in the general government sector. “Clients are focused on providing consistent levels of service and overall performance, but also on operational and financial predictability,” he notes. “We intimately understand the public safety marketplace and how to deliver complex and high-quality public service projects for lower cost—on time and on budget.”

Mr. Consalvos is also expanding the depth and breadth of services the company provides, based on the evaluation and alignment of four core components: governance, operations, technology, and facilities. “As a partner with our clients, we share in the risks and rewards to meet service metrics so that our clients ultimately know exactly what even the most complex public safety projects will cost,” he explains.

Mr. Consalvos previously served as senior vice president. He will now oversee IXP’s marketing, sales, project delivery and all managed service operations. Consalvos began his career as a police officer in New Jersey and then went on to public safety and corporate executive positions at City University of New York, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Honeywell Corporation, and Electronic Data Systems.

Amy Onder, the third member of the new leadership team, will guide business operations as well as providing a full in-house legal function. Since joining IXP in 2007, Ms. Onder served as in-house counsel and later joined the Company’s Board of Directors. Prior to working at IXP, she was an attorney with Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen LLP in Philadelphia.

“I look forward to an expanded business role as IXP continues its notable period of growth,” she says. “We are uniquely positioned to meet the burgeoning demand for our team of public safety experts and technology capabilities that not only give our clients benefits of integrated assessment, planning, design, and implementation, but also operation and staffing.”

One of IXP’s recent successful client engagements was the privatization of the 911 Emergency Call Center in the Township of Lawrence, New Jersey. According to Daniel Posluszny, the town’s Chief of Police, “IXP works hand-in-hand with us, providing exceptional service in the training and supervision of our communication operators on a daily basis. It clearly enables our department to utilize police officers’ time more effectively.”

Chief Posluszny concludes, “IXP was incredibly receptive to our needs and I have complete confidence in their management team. They have a true understanding of the law enforcement landscape on various levels.”

About IXP Corporation: For 20 years, IXP Corporation (www.ixpcorp.com) has been recognized as the company that public safety and security organizations rely on to tackle their toughest challenges. With headquarters in Princeton, N.J., IXP serves municipalities, colleges, universities, hospitals, corporations, and utilities nationwide. IXP provides a total solution methodology that incorporates governance, operations, technology, and facilities. The firm develops and implements reliable and cost-effective solutions for scalable technology and communications systems, municipal protection, campus safety, and healthcare security.

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