IXP Corporation Launches National Advertising Campaign Featuring Yogi Berra

Cranbury, N.J. – May 12, 2010 – IXP Corporation, a prominent national provider of public safety and security solutions, announced it is launching a major national advertising campaign featuring the New York Yankees Hall of Fame star Yogi Berra.

The three-year endorsement agreement with LTD Enterprises Inc. (a Berra Family Corporation) will also highlight endearing “Yogi-isms” in an array of planned out-of-home, print, and cable TV advertisements. The campaign links IXP’s core business of solving critical emergency response challenges to Yogi’s unwavering reputation as a trustworthy and consistent champion who excelled in 14 World Series.

According to Richard E. Dale, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IXP Corporation,Yogi Berra aligns particularly well with IXP due to his history as a clutch performer. “When you design, implement, and support technologically advanced public safety and emergency communications systems as we do, you always need to step to the plate with timely solutions,” says Mr. Dale.

William E. Metro, iXP’s President and Chief Operating Officer, adds, “As catcher, Yogi was always one of the last lines of defense, a key bedrock of championship teams-and that’s the essence of the service that we provide to our clients. In addition, he needed to be highly knowledgeable about all the players while firmly controlling the game, qualities that we bring to the complex business of public safety.”

The multi-million dollar campaign will feature billboards on various high-traffic roadways in New Jersey-along with posters and back-lit diorama panels in target airports nationally and on high-speed trains regionally. The Yogi Berra ads will also appear on cable television.

The ads feature a contemporary color photograph of Yogi Berra superimposed over a vintage 1956 black & white image of Yogi applying a tag on Al Pilarcik of the Kansas City A’s at Yankee Stadium. A rotating series of “Yogi-isms” convey key messages. For example, “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore,” brings to mind budget issues faced by public safety officials and IXP’s cost-effective solutions. “If it’s an emergency, it’s usually urgent,” relates directly to the company’s mission of providing secure environments and reliable emergency response systems.

Another attraction of the Yogi Berra endorsement is that this beloved figure invokes the safety and security of the “good old days.” William Metro recalls learning the sport by reading Berra’s book on how to play baseball when he was a kid during the 1960s, and then using its lessons to coach his two sons and their Little League teams. Richard Dale fondly remembers playing neighborhood pick-up baseball games during long summer evenings in his youth.

“On and off the field, Yogi Berra could be counted on for the right response at the right time in pressured situations. At IXP we strive to bring that same winning combination of ideas, experience, and partnership to present solutions for our clients,” notes Mr. Dale.

Mr. Berra, who struck out a mere 12 times in nearly 600 at-bats during one season, once stated, “If I can hit it, it’s a good pitch”. Lawrence Consalvos, IXP’s Senior Vice President & General Manager, concludes, “For the IXP team, Yogi is the right pitch. The steadfast values and accountability he has displayed since his Yankee debut mirror our corporate culture.”

StimulusBrand Communications (Ewing, New Jersey) developed all creative featuring the IXP brand and Yogi Berra.

About IXP Corporation: Founded in 2000, IXP Corporation (www.ixpcorp.com) is recognized as the company that public safety and security organizations rely on to solve their mission critical emergency response challenges. With headquarters in Cranbury, N.J., IXP serves municipalities, colleges, universities, hospitals, and corporations nationwide. IXP provides a total solution methodology that incorporates governance, operations, technology, and facilities. The firm develops and implements reliable and cost-effective solutions for scalable communications systems, municipal protection, campus safety, and healthcare security.