SSRECC | Design, Construction, and Launch of Regional Center

Client: The South Shore Regional Emergency Communications Center | Hingham, MA

The Challenge

The towns of Hingham, Hull, Cohasset, and Norwell, Massachusetts, recently formed the South Shore Regional Emergency Communications Center (SSRECC) to provide for the creation of a regional center to support the operations of 9-1-1 and emergency services.  SSRECC desired an independent vendor to develop and implement a technology solution and operations plan for the establishment and operation of their regional dispatch center, supporting the four municipalities with the ability to expand in the future. 

Our Approach

There were two phases. During Phase 1, IXP worked with the architect, Raymond Design Associates, to support the facility design.

  • IXP met with the agencies involved to determine the technology required in the facility, both at the outset and in the future.
  • The IXP team prepared a preliminary Technical Area Program (TAP) that included all space requirements for equipment, projections of BTU output, electrical requirements, and specs for all cabling.
  • We provided a quality review of the final architectural drawings for construction bidding and reviewed the general contractor bids for the construction phase. 

During Phase 2, SSRECC engaged IXP directly to provide technology consulting to support the design, procurement, and implementation of technology for the operation of the new regional center.

  • IXP determined the final operational and technology requirements for the SSRECC and assisted in the design of appropriate console furniture.
  • We designed and engineered the SSRECC’s public safety systems, including computer-aided dispatch (CAD), records management systems (police and fire), telephony, and the radio communications console system.
  • We ensured optimal communications by recommending a regional radio channel plan, detailing call-handling requirements during surge periods, and designing all LAN and WAN requirements for connectivity between the towns and the SSRECC. 
  • IXP analyzed staffing needs based on regional call volumes and advised the SSRECC on standards and best practices for a regional communications center.

The Solution

Construction of the center concluded in 2011, and IXP was engaged to oversee the transition to an operational center for the region in 2012. In the final phase of the project, which began in January 2012, the SSRECC became operational as towns began to migrate physically into the new facility.  Hingham came first, followed by Hull, Norwell, and Cohasset. IXP completed the planning and transition of each SSRECC community on time and within budget. The new regional center allows for long-term value and predictability, along with better services for the communities. For an initial period of approximately one year, IXP was engaged to oversee the daily operations of the center, providing executive and information technology oversight. Beginning in January 2015, IXP was further engaged to provide a Managed Service solution for onsite IT management.