Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office

Client: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office | Everett, WA

The Challenge

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and municipal police departments in the northern part of the county had recently formed a regional task force to counter rising break-ins to homes, cars, and businesses driven by increased heroin and opioid use in their shared jurisdictions. In conjunction with the needs of this task force and the implementation of new data sharing and analytical software available through the county Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), SCSO decided to establish crime analysis capabilities. Having faced a complicated implementation of a new CAD/RMS System and with a limited history of operating a Crime Analysis Unit, SCSO required competent crime analysts who could establish methods to effectively and efficiently access data and present analytical reports that advance the goals and objectives of SCSO in this dynamic technology and operational environment

Our Approach

We completed national recruitment for crime analysts who could meet the operational and technical challenges faced by SCSO. We screened over one hundred applicants and selected individuals with the skills and capabilities to excel in their roles. We established open lines of communication with SCSO to ensure that the skills and resources of the crime analysts were focused on SCSO’s priorities.

The Solution

We continue to operate a managed service with a collaborative team of professional crime analysts assigned to the regional task force and SCSO headquarters. IXP’s analysts have helped SCSO discover and establish new sources and advanced methods to access, aggregate, analyze and present valuable data, information, intelligence, and analytical work product to counter crime and manage operations. The analytical work products are utilized both to investigate individual cases on the task force, to identify patterns and trends, and to support strategic workflows and management processes. The work of IXP’s analysts on the task force has contributed to the intelligence-led prevention and prosecution of property crime.  The work of IXP’s analysts at SCSO headquarters has supported SCSO’s recent establishment of SNOSTAT. In this data-driven management process, crime control, traffic safety, and administrative initiatives are set forth and advanced throughout the county. IXP continues to develop new sources, methods, and analytical products to counter particular crimes and works with regional intelligence groups to share data and intelligence most useful to SCSO’s partner organizations in the county.