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Reducing crime. No mission is more fundamental to a police department and the communities they serve. As threats to lives and property change, police departments must innovate to prevent crime and to identify, disrupt and dismantle crime problems and networks. Departments need to be just as smart in supplementing and evaluating their funding, capabilities and expertise as they are in clearing cases. They also need to be as vigilant and practical in implementing programs and partnerships with the community as they are in responding to their calls for service.

IXP helps police departments develop and implement innovative, data-driven and evidence-based crime reduction strategies. These strategies apply the best practices of Intelligence-Led, Problem-Oriented and Community Policing to the particular needs of each organization and jurisdiction that we support. They methodically consider the offenders, victims, places, and crime problems/crime drivers of each client. They apply scientifically-proven interventions and outcome metrics that align with each client’s staff, workflows, technology and budgets.

IXP does not sell products. When appropriate, we help our clients design, procure and implement technology solutions that are purposeful, manageable and affordable. This includes intelligent video solutions that help deter crime and clear cases. We help clients assess and implement analytical software that identifies and forecasts crime patterns, trends and series. We also help assess how their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Record Management Systems (RMS) function to advance or encumber crime reduction, and can manage work to supplement or replace them accordingly.

IXP provides crime analysts in police departments on a full-time, part-time or project basis. We develop tailored scopes of work and job descriptions for each client. We recruit, train and deploy analysts to provide analytics with customized reports and visualizations that help:

  • Identify crime trends, patterns and series
  • Counter chronic and emerging crime problems
  • Advance officer safety
  • Clear cases
  • Support CompStat / crime reduction accountability processes
  • Support problem solving techniques and methods

IXP works with police leadership and staff that are new to their jobs, as well as those experienced that seek fresh perspectives and capabilities. IXP partners with departments that are currently achieving their crime reduction goals and managing costs effectively. We also partner with police departments that desire results with less resources, improved strategic decision-making processes, and improved overall program effectiveness and fidelity.

Here is how IXP can help your department today:

  • Crime Control Strategy Inventory
    This helps you organize, discover and document the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your crime control strategies, practices and programs. We apply generations of academic research and expertise earned from our staff’s decades of police command and technical experience to help your department consider what you are currently doing, planning to do and could be doing to reduce crime, fear and victimization. We help you consider and implement solutions that can be implemented immediately and plan for ones that require staff, training and technical support over the longer term. We help you align and communicate your crime control strategies, practices and programs with the requirements and language of available funding.
  • Crime Reduction Blueprint & Roadmap
    This is a set of prioritized recommendations to enhance the strengths, reduce the weaknesses, realize opportunities and counter threats for each of your current, planned and aspirational crime control strategies, practices and programs. The Blueprint utilizes IXP’s SAIF® methodology to define the key governance, operations, technology and facility elements required to implement and maintain your crime reductions strategies, practices and programs. The Roadmap sets forth a schedule and planning framework for implementation throughout your department and community, as applicable.
  • Crime Reduction Implementation Plans
    These include detailed cost budgets, technology specifications and documentation to help you identify the staff, training, technology, equipment and resources needed to implement and maintain your crime control programs. We provide systems integration, analytics and analyst for hire services as needed.

We tailor our approach based on your priorities, requirements and budgets. IXP can deliver these specialized services as a prime contractor, subcontractor or managed services provider based on your jurisdiction’s procurement rules and strategies.